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I stand

    I stand hoping. I stand believing. I stand in awe. I stand reminiscing our past encounters. Stand for what? I stand for the one and only true God. I stand because he  first loved me. Before I was … Continue reading

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Jamaica Mi Irie Review

While in Greenville I got to eat at a nice restaurant Jamaica Mi Irie. Irie is  Jamaican patois for feeling at peace or good. I felt good and full after I left. It’s a small restaurant with a bar. It … Continue reading

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Trip to Greenville, SC

I recently went to Greenville SC.  I can’t wait to go back  again. If you live a couple of hours away. It is a good place to go for a weekend getaway. Downtown  has restaurants and shops. There is also … Continue reading

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I see God

I see God in the sky, I see Him in the  trees, I see God in Man, I see Him in the streets, I see Him in his word. I see Him on the ground, I see Him in the … Continue reading

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My soul is not at rest. My emotions sway to and fro. My actions are judged. My words misconstrued. As I play with the devils hand it satisfies my emotions. Till I grow weak and helpless. I say there is … Continue reading

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There is a man they say he loves us. Who is this man? His name is Jesus. This man was God wrapped in flesh. Who came down to save a wretch. He lived a life to complete his plan. He … Continue reading

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Is God speaking to me?

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