“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

I title this tragedy because of all that I loss in life. Not all of what I have written has happened to me. But, I’ve seen , heard or read about someone who has.  I just decided to write about it because it has been circulating through my thoughts lately. So I wanted to just write a quick little blog.

From day-to-day your never know what life can bring. There are  somethings in life you don’t plan on. One thing is death . You  never plan  on burying your own child, or someone to die suddenly in an accident. There’s  even those people who are in shape and take care of themselves as far as staying healthy. Like the neighbor down the street who ran every day.  Then you find out from someone  they died in their sleep . Then there’s the person you  see everyday that you really admired. Then you find out that they just took their life.

You never plan on becoming paralyzed  , losing your sight or hearing.

Another tragedy is getting raped . Or when your child comes to you when they are older. And they tell you they were molested. By someone you trusted and loved.

You never plan for  floods, tornadoes and earthquakes.

All the tragedies I listed are things you never plan on happening. Yet it happens.  In many cases it leaves people behind who wonder why? Others  think   how can this happen to me. Some people chose to hide their tragedy for years some even to death. Others chose to tell but somehow they are never released. Some take their tragedy and help others who went through the same thing.  People find a new normal by using what they have. There are those who turn to God and others who turn away.

Tragedy can bring people together or tear them apart. It can make you view life differently.

Tragedy for me has caused me to want to know more about humanity and why we exist.  What has it caused you to do?


quote from Forrest Gump



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