What is Life?

“Life on earth is but for a short time.” A quote I remember always hearing.

According to Merriam – Webster the word life means : the period of time when a person is alive or spiritual existence transcending physical death. Those were the two that stood out to me the most.

I always wondered Why am I here? I grew up in a Pentecostal church. I was baptized In Jesus Name and later on I was filled with the  Holy Spirit. Growing up I loved the bible I start out reading the bible story books. Book about Daniel in the lion’s den , Moses and , Jesus and his miracles. I grew up some and started finding more pleasure in reading the bible. I remember every New Year they would hand out the Bible in a Year pamphlet.  Every year I could never get past Exodus. Every time I read the bible it was like learning something new. There was also times  I never understood it. On occasion I felt it was boring and irrelevant to what was happening to me in that moment.  But never the less I would always come back to reading it no matter  how frustrated I was.

Sorry got caught up for minute. Now where was I What is Life  and Why am I here? I started asking myself these questions as a teen.  There was no better place to go to ask these questions then to the all-knowing God I heard and read about. I started reading the bible and borrowing concordances , Sunday school books and dictionaries.  Also by going to church and taking notes then coming home and going over the scripture or particular story. The pastor used for the sermon.

One day I learned about the devils fall from heaven. When I went through that story. I stumbled upon.  Why we are here?  To sum it up . I found out that we were created to worship God. God gave us free will to worship him.

Well I’m gonna end there. See ya in the next Blog!


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