I stand



I stand hoping.

I stand believing.

I stand in awe.

I stand reminiscing our past encounters.

Stand for what?

I stand for the one and only true God.

I stand because he  first loved me.

Before I was even conceived.

I stand because he called.

If he had not I would never stand for anything.

That why I stand for him not myself.

I stand because I want to love like he does.

I want to live like he wants me to live.(like  the song says)

I stand because he is the one leading me.




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Jamaica Mi Irie Review

20160702_212843While in Greenville I got to eat at a nice restaurant Jamaica Mi Irie. Irie is  Jamaican patois for feeling at peace or good. I felt good and full after I left. It’s a small restaurant with a bar. It has seating for approximately 20-30 people.  The night I went it was full and busy as soon as one table cleared it was filled up with in  minutes. The servers were pleasant and the wait time wasn’t long.


Lamb sandwich


The menu had  a nice variety seafood , beef ,chicken and vegetarian platters. It’s in the middle of downtown and prices are reasonable. The food is delicious and seasoned well. If you are ever in the area give it a try.


Oxtail , plantains , rice and, peas.

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Trip to Greenville, SC

I recently went to Greenville SC.  I can’t wait to go back  again. If you live a couple of hours away. It is a good place to go for a weekend getaway. Downtown  has restaurants and shops.

There is also a park called Falls Park  on the Reedy. The park has waterfalls and lots of green area. It’s a nice park to bring the kids and let them wade in the water. You could have a nice  picnic by the water.

Then there is the trolley that takes you around downtown and it’s free.

Well that’s it for now until next time.



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I see God

I see God in the sky,

I see Him in the  trees,

I see God in Man,

I see Him in the streets,

I see Him in his word.

I see Him on the ground,

I see Him in the rain,

I see Him amongst the poor,

I see Him on the roof,

I see Him in the wind,

How so?

you say.

I see God.

I see Him in the Mountains.

Look He’s in that wave !

I see Him in death.

I see Him in life.

I see God in turmoil.

I see Him in happiness.

I see God in War.

I see Him in peace

I see Him in your hesitation to know that He’s in me.

I see God



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My soul is not at rest.

My emotions sway to and fro.

My actions are judged.

My words misconstrued.

As I play with the devils hand it satisfies my emotions.

Till I grow weak and helpless.

I say there is more to life than this.

As I try the other side.

I am at peace for a moment.

To know I have someone watching over me.

To tell me the truth and lead me to everlasting life.

An advocate to ease my pain if  I allow him.

But how does he take the pain away?

Does God take care of it?

Is the battle all his?

Do I help at all?

Soon I will see.

Soon I will see.

So I wash my hands of this for now.

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There is a man they say he loves us.

Who is this man?

His name is Jesus.

This man was God wrapped in flesh.

Who came down to save a wretch.

He lived a life to complete his plan.

He hung on the cross nails in his hand.

He rose again. That was his plan.

This is why they say he loves us.

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Is God speaking to me?

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